Welcome to the official website of the TiEEdu. TiEEdu stands as the epitome of excellence in education, being the most exclusive, invitation-only network of educators worldwide. At its core, TiEEdu is not just an association; it's a community of passionate educators dedicated to revolutionizing teaching methodologies and fostering educational excellence.

  • tieedu global conversations on climate action
    Earth Day: Global Conversation on Nature is the Future 🔮

    Join us in celebrating World Earth Day 2024!
    In a world where every decision we make has ripple effects on the mother earth, the importance of our actions today cannot be overstated. From pioneering sustainable innovations to participating in conservation efforts, each small step we take plays a crucial role in shaping tomorrow's world. Come and join the Keepers of Mother Earth in celebrating all these meaningful steps to protect and preserve our planet.

  • tieedu global conversations on climate action
    Global Conversation on Climate Action Blueprint: Adaptation, Resilience & Mitigation 🌎

    Climate change continues to stand as one of the foremost challenges facing our era, demanding united endeavors and inventive resolutions from individuals, enterprises, governing bodies, and entities worldwide. Aligned with its dedication to social accountability and environmental stewardship, APD academy organized a global conversation on climate action through a LinkedIn audio event featuring experts from across the globe.

  • tieedu decoding education 5.0
    Fireside Chat on Essential Power Skills For An Empowered Career 🔥

    In today's dynamic and competitive workplace, possessing a diverse set of skills beyond technical expertise is crucial for personal and professional growth. At the heart of every thriving career lies a robust foundation of essential power skills. These skills encompass a broad spectrum of abilities that go beyond mere technical knowledge, encompassing areas such as communication, leadership, adaptability, emotional intelligence, time management, collaboration, and continuous learning.

  • tieedu decoding education 5.0
    Decoding Education 5.0: Requirements, Technologies, and Opportunities

    Education 5.0 marks a significant shift in the way we approach learning and teaching, integrating cutting-edge technologies, personalized experiences, and global collaboration. In this LinkedIn Audio Event, our experts Dr Rajdeep Deb and Stephanie Holt will join Purandar Sengupta to deliberate on the requirements, technologies, and opportunities presented by Education 5.0, as well as the challenges and considerations it brings.

  • tieedu performance accelerator program power skills
    Performance Accelerator Program (PAP) for Professional

    Are you a professional seeking to enhance your power skills and make a greater impact on your career? Look no further than our Performance Accelerator Program (PAP) for Professional. Designed as an immersive, team-based action learning training program, PAP offers a dynamic journey filled with movement, cooperative learning, reflection, discussion, practical application, and plenty of fun and emotional engagement to empower your career

  • tieedu world waterday 2024
    Wave of Change: Water For A Sustainable Future 💧

    Join us in celebrating World Water Day 2024!
    Water, the essence of life, is a precious resource that requires our collective attention and action to ensure its sustainable management for future generations. As we approach World Water Day 2024, join us in a groundbreaking LinkedIn audio event titled "Wave of Change: Water for a Sustainable Future," where experts, thought leaders, and water activist will converge to discuss pressing water issues and solutions.

  • tieedu talent management
    Talent Management: Building Agile Team For Today and Tomorrow

    Effective talent management is essential for organizations aiming to maintain competitiveness in today's business environment. It guarantees that companies align individuals with the suitable skills and capabilities to drive success in their respective roles. in this LinkedIn Audio Event, our expert panelists will discuss topics such as recruiting the appropriate talent, the significance of offering tailored training and development, and the challenges associated with building agile teams, along with actionable strategies to overcome them.

  • tieedu-lets-talk-career
    Envisioning Success with College and Career

    Are you ready to kick-start your career journey?
    Look no further than TiEEdu Career Services, your ultimate destination for comprehensive resources and personalized assistance in crafting and executing your career plans. Whether you're a recent graduate, transitioning professional, or aspiring to enter the workforce, we're here to empower you every step of the way.

  • tieedu-performance-accelerator-program
    Performance Accelerator Program (PAP) for Educators: Elevating Teaching Excellence

    Are you an educator seeking to enhance your facilitation skills and make a greater impact on your students? Look no further than the Performance Accelerator Program (PAP). Designed as an immersive, team-based action learning training program, PAP offers a dynamic approach to professional development that goes beyond traditional methods. PAP is a must for any educator who is committed to continuous improvement and making a difference in the lives of their students.

  • tieedu-financial-planning
    Mastering Money: Managing Your Financial Freedom

    In today's fast-paced world, achieving financial freedom is a goal shared by many. However, mastering money management is essential to attain this coveted state of financial independence. In this LinkedIn Audio Event, our expert panelists will share their insights on the intricacies of financial management, providing you with actionable strategies to take control of your finances and pave the way toward a secure future.

  • tieedu power skills.jpg
    Mastering Essential Power Skills: Your Pathway to Career Triumph

    In this blog post, we explore the importance of honing essential power skills and preview what to expect at our upcoming LinkedIn audio event. The demand for individuals with these power skills is high, yet there is a shortage of such individuals.

  • tieedu climate smart solutions
    Climate-Smart Solutions For The Built Environment

    Climate-smart solutions encompass a range of strategies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing energy consumption, and enhancing the adaptive capacity of our built environment to withstand the effects of climate change. These solutions integrate principles of sustainability, efficiency, and resilience into the design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructure.